Pro Forma Feasibility 




The question of  feasibility is simple: When the deal is done and the project built, will the value exceed the cost?

If not, there is a second set of questions: What is the financial gap and what realistic options are there for getting to yes?

EDH has prepared financial pro forma analyses for projects including: 

  • High-rise mixed use development as with these towers in Portland's South Waterfront district (as pictured)
  • Single and multi-family projects (both market rate & affordable)
  • Commercial retail & office space
  • Lodging & hospitality venues
  • Industrial site development
  • Cultural and public facilities (arts centers, interpretive centers, and sports facilities)

As is evident from the listing, we are not specialists with any specific real estate product type. Our strengths lie in high level financial modeling of multiple development scenarios and uses, whether for a single building or a district of varied uses and buildings. 

And we bring one added specialty of our own to the table - the capacity to model economic returns for all participants required for the deal to happen - both public and private.