Brownfield Redevelopment

The graph above illustrates our analysis of alternative uses and the land valuation associated with market rate redevelopment of typical
contaminated sites for different land uses in Portland OR.
The blue end of the ranges indicates positive financial feasibility, the red end is indicative of the magnitude by which redevelopment of properties likely will be financially "underwater" unless outside funding support can also be secured.



For EDH, brownfield redevelopment is not just about restoring a cleaner planet, it's also about the numbers. What will the market support and at what price? If there is a financial gap, how will it be met?

We have conducted brownfield economic analysis for sites associated with a Boeing pollution plume near Seattle and with projects in Tacoma, Bellingham, Ridgefield, Spokane and Vancouver - as well as in Portland (illustrated by the graph to the left).

EDH has also prepared an economic and fiscal impact model for the Washington State Department of Ecology to utilize in evaluation of site clean-up and redevelopment feasibility in varied community and property settings. The goal is to move contaminated sites more quickly from blight to achieving the triple bottom line of demonstrated social, environmental, and financial benefits - both with a reclaimed site and a more sustainable community.