Economic Impact

Whether with wind farms or other economic impact evaluations, we offer added services that  be important for your project application, including:
(a) net present value (NPV) assessment as for projects with significant phasing features;
(b) capacity to address the cost as well as the benefit side of the impact equation; and
(c) characterization plus evaluation of the less readily quantifiable or non-market impacts that also may be of significance to your community.


Economic impact analysis is about identifying and quantifying anticipated spending, jobs, payrolls and valuation added with major development projects. EDH has capacity to estimate both the direct on-site effects and the economic multiplier impacts community-wide -- for construction and then on-going operations. We also quantify tax revenues anticipated for affected state and local jurisdictions. 

Projects evaluated have included:

  • Renewable energy facilities
    (as with the wind farm pictured)
  • Industrial plant investment
    (from manufacturing to distribution)
  • Retail development
    (especially in states with sales tax)
  • Mixed-use developments
    (or whole communities phased-in over a multi-year period)
  • Public facilities
    (from transportation and utility infrastructure to sports and convention venues)