Live / Work




The emergence of a western civilization was accompanied by shop-keepers and craftspeople who lived above or next to where they work. Today, live-work is back front and center. 

EDH has been at the forefront of the slow-churn live-work revolution. The firm has evaluated prospects in places ranging from Portland's upscale Pearl District to Vancouver, Washington's more mainstream Uptown Village (pictured here).

Entrepreneurs and foot-loose residents no longer want to be tied to place. Well beyond the Great Recession of 2007-09, we are again becoming a nation that values the ability to turn and move "on a dime."

As a real estate product, live-work can be the perfect solution. Mixing life with work. Offering flexibility for the vicissitudes of an unpredictable universe.  

Is this America's future? Maybe or maybe not, but we bet that it will be a bigger part of what is to come. 

Is this the option for you? Write, call or email - we're here to navigate your path through.