Transit & Development

In Portland, EDH has retrospectively documented the pivotal role that
streetcar has played in facilitating a surge of new development within 1-3 blocks of route alignments at urban densities not previously experienced.




A century ago, streetcars served as a catalyst for the development of urban neighborhoods across the U.S. Recent re-introduction reflects a new movement for development oriented transit.

We have modeled economic development impacts for planned systems in San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Boise, Reno, Boise and Portland - including evaluation of carbon footprint savings as compared to the suburban alternative in Portland and Boise.

Our experience extends beyond streetcar to  encompass the transit-development nexus for light rail (LRT) andbus rapid transit (BRT) systems - as well as downtown transit malls.   

And Principal Eric Hovee has served as contributor to the a research report Planning for Transit-Supportive Development: A Practitioner’s Guide – released by the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in June 2014 for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).